• Building a financial institution based on customer trust, product leadership, service and operational excellence.
  • Build a knowledge-driven business and foster creativity, offer tailored financial management solutions to clients and seek superior returns.
  • Maintain the highest possible standards of ethics and integrity in corporate governance.
  • Instill a meritocratic work environment with respect for individuals, promoting teamwork and collaborative efforts.
  • Inspire a sense of belonging and engagement among all team members and cultivate a corporate culture of excellence.
  • To our clients, we offer the management of a network of experts linked to the transfer of assets. We call on these specialists according to your needs and in complete financial transparency with no unpleasant surprises on this point. Constantly listening to you, our analysis therefore precisely answers your questions and tends to improve your situation. Matrimonial regime, inheritance, real estate management and even corporate law are all areas that cover our field of expertise.


    Among the various benefits of wealth management service, the most important advantage is the multitude of services under one roof. We have expertise in several areas such as investment management, estate planning, retirement planning, succession planning, real estate consulting, philanthropy.


    HAECHEL S.A is well established in the real estate sector market.
    We act as auditors, tax and legal advisors and experts in financial and tax due diligence for the real estate sector.
    We have extensive experience advising on transactions, restructurings and capital operations. We work with a large number of investors foreigners.


    SWITZERLAND is a global financial platform, and whose economy is relatively strong and is well positioned as a financial hub in the world's fastest growing region. Yet the sector faces unprecedented challenges, many of which stem from the global financial crisis.
    Our goal is to first know your situation in order to personalize our offer. You have a personal advisor who helps you define the suitable products.


    Investors, freelancers and entrepreneurs: Our goal is to preserve capital through growth. We have a proactive investment approach and believe in aligning interests, pros and cons are shared equally with our partners. HAECHEL S.A holds a number of passive investments in various funds and asset classes. Furthermore, HAECHEL S.A invests actively and directly in companies in the luxury sector at a very good level of growth.


    Investing in VIRTUAL CURRENCY is a serious alternative to the fluctuations of traditional markets, which is why our teams can help you choose the right investment plan. good time.
    Don’t doubt it for a second, it is indeed possible to trade virtual currencies. Although they are not under the influence of any government or banking institution, their course varies depending on certain parameters.