The opportunities that suit you best

We carry out our current wealth management consulting activity, preventing conflicts as much as possible. of interests through total transparency on the remuneration mechanisms of the profession with global remuneration which does not depend on the products offered or the risks taken by the customer.

We specialize in wealth management in SWITZERLAND and Europe, HAECHEL S.A We offer you personalized support for the management of your financial, movable and real estate assets.
The client benefits from a tailor-made financial strategy supplemented by tax and investment advice.
You can count on a wealth manager who listens to you and who will guide you towards the solutions that will suit you best, as well as a network of experts competent in their specific field.


Wealth planning

Personalized succession support

Asset management in SWITZERLAND or in other countries requires medium and long term planning. We carry out a global analysis of your heritage private and professional to determine what are the best decisions for your assets and your estate.

Our skills

Tailor-made services

  • Independent network
  • Additional skills
  • The best experts in their sector
  • Transparent and advantageous cost
  • High availability
  • No commission between experts

Common structure

And easy exchanges between experts !

Our company offers you a unique and “à la carte” framework for the management of your operations and your assets in SWITZERLAND and around the world. You have a privileged contact who answers your questions and brings together, if necessary, a team of specialists in their field depending on the country concerned..


Precious Materials

Investing in precious metals is a very good way to secure your assets and also to protect yourself against inflation. At HAECHEL we help you make the best investment possible and take advantage of all the advantages that precious metals can offer you.

Let’s aim for the PODIUM!

And let's talk about heritage

Let’s aim for the PODIUM!

And let's talk about heritage