HAECHEL S.A is an independent company based in SWITZERLAND, specializing in wealth management and investment advice for international clients. Since its creation, HAECHEL S.A has grown organically and consistently, focused on providing high-quality services on a global scale. Our team is made up of professionals from different cultures and backgrounds who combine their experience in private banking, investment banking and financial markets to provide our clients with the solutions best suited to their investment strategy.

We will help you identify your goals and assess where you stand relative to your goals. A complete analysis of your financial portfolio allows us to evaluate your options and recommend strategies to help you achieve your goals.
We have developed professional relationships with leading specialists around the world, who today constitute our network of strategic partners. Through this partnership, our clients can access the best financial, legal and fiduciary resources.


Your investment strategy is essential to achieving your financial goals. It can be difficult to stay on your course during market swings if your portfolio isn't aligned with your psychological risk tolerance. We help you bridge this “behavioral gap” by integrating your risk tolerance into your short-term goals, medium and long term. Our portfolios are well diversified with low-cost, no-fee investments. Our favorite investment choices for our portfolios, There are low-cost mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and individual bonds, as applicable.


We help you plan to meet your personal and family needs by reviewing your assets and existing agreements. We help you understand the roles of your trustees, executors and beneficiaries. We ensure your plan meets your personal wishes today as well as your wishes for your legacy. We help you create an effective wealth transfer by identifying the impact of current asset ownership and ensuring ensure your assets are titled as indicated in the legal documents. We advise you on charitable and giving strategies, helping you realize your inheritance wishes.